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Metra, Install Bay, Tspec, and Raptor

I have a great announcement to make, Franks AudioMotive now proudly offers Metra, Install Bay, Tspec, and Raptor brand products. These are some of the same brands I have been using professionally for the last 15 years in the shops I have worked at. These are the same products that most professionals use in their shops, and now they are available to you!! I am specifically working on two new sections of installation catagories with these brands, Amplifier Installation, and Head Unit Installation.

Wire Reducers: For 1/0 to 4g wire reducing. Line Output Converters: entry level, and signal sensing amp turn on options! RCA: 17ft, 6ft, and 3ft Raptor RCAs very budget minded, great for subwoofer amps! Grommets: I now have rubber long neck style grommets, and very heavy duty water resistant grommets for those cars you absolutely cannot have water leaking inside.

Amp Kits: Raptor brand CCA amp kits, 8g, 4g, and 1/0g kits complete with fuse holder, remote turn on, and RCAs. Copper Ring Terminals: Crimp or solder on Copper Ring Terminals for 4g and 8g wire. I know I am forgetting a few things so please feel free to check the different pages out. There is a drop down menu at the top of your browser where you can select your installation catagory. Thank you for the support! In time I will have more products available so please check back soon. If you do not see what you are looking for, please feel free to email a product request to and please do not forget to like us on

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