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This is a Metra brand wire harness that fits most Ford, Mercury, and Mazda that come with factory premium sound. These vehicles can be very tricky to get the right wire harness, the best thing for you to do is pull the radio and look at the plug to see if this one will match up. This model number is 70-5511

You may use the fit guide at to see which parts will fit your vehicle.

This harness is color coded and will help you install your new radio without having to cut off the factory harness. This is the right way to install a radio. You can solder this harness to your radio harness or you can choose to crimp it. 

Here are some tools and connectors that may help you install your own stereo:

70-5511 Ford 1989-2000 Premium Sound System Amp Integator Harness

SKU: 70-5511
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