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Power Output @ 4 Ω: 450 Watts x 1 Channel
Power Output @ 2 Ω: 600 Watts x 1 Channel

THD @ Rated Power: 0.1%
THD @ 20% of Rated Power: 0.02%

Signal to Noise Ratio @ 1 Watt: 80 dB
Signal to Noise Ratio @ Rated Power: 108dB

Frequency Response (=/- 1dB): 10 Hz –  400 Hz

Damping Factor @ 4 Ω: >600

Input Type: Differential
Input Sensitivity (Line Level Inputs): 0.5 Vp – 10 Vp
Maximum Input Voltage (Speaker Level Inputs): 30 Vp
Input Impedance (Line Level Inputs): 10 kΩ
Input Impedance (Speaker Level Inputs): 1.2 kΩ

Turn On Modes: Signal Sense, 6 V Offset Detect, Remote Turn On
Signal Sensing Turn On Threshold (Line Level Inputs): 45 mVp
Signal Sensing Turn ON Threshold (Speaker Level Inputs): 800 mVp

Crossover Filter Slope: 12 dB/Oct 
Crossover Filter Type: Bandpass, Highpass, None
Crossover Frequency Ranges: HP: 5 Hz – 40 Hz; LP: 50 Hz – 500 Hz

Phase Control: 0° – 180°
Bass Boost @ 45 Hz: 0 – 15 dB

Quiescent Current Draw: 0.9 A
Maximum Current Draw: 60 A
Required Power Line Fuse: 60 A

Dimensions: 210 mm x 126mm X 32 mm (8-17/64” x 4-61/64” x 1-17/64”)

Audiofrog A600.1D High Fidelity Class-D Amplifier

SKU: A600.1D
Will special order immediately
  • Board layout is a key component of a high fidelity amplifier design, especially when miniaturization is a key feature. Audiofrog HiFi Class-D amplifiers incorporate a four layer PC board that helps to isolate the magnetic circuit in the power supply and Class-D modulators from the amplifier’s preamp and audio sections. Small I/E transformers oriented to place the preamp circuit in a magnetic null replace the toroidal transformers often used in larger designs. High speed switches responsible for power supply and output voltage are located on the opposite side of the board from the preamp and audio circuits and are isolated by an internal shield layer. Heat is transferred from the switches on the bottom of the board to the heat sink on the top through heat sink pads incorporated into the top and bottom PC board layers.

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