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Asylum Audio Brazil Style Mono Amplifier CFAB 1500.1 is a great amp that is relatively small in size making the installation very easy. Don't be fooled by its small size, this class d mono amplifier also packs a good punch as well being 1 ohm stable, you can have up to 1500 watts.
 It is recommended to use 4g copper wiring with this amplifier, and to add an extra battery to help stabilize the voltage. 1,500 watts rms is a good amount of power, so it can actually pull a good amount of power from the battery, so make sure that your electrical system is up to the task to avoid causing damage.
Tuning is very simple even for DIY installers thanks to the built in clipping lights and a variable bass boost with adjustable frequency so you can tune the amp in just right.
Also comes with a wire bass knob to help give you on the fly adjustment of the subwoofer while you drive without taking your eyes off of the road.  

1500Wx 1 @ 1-OHM

1000W X 1 @ 2-OHM

700W X 1 @ 4-OHM

Full Range Class D Mono Amplifier

Input Sensitivity: 200mv - 5v

HPF: 15-80hz

LPF: 80-20khz

THD: Less than 1%


Bass Boost: 0-12db

Operating Voltage: 9-16v
Bass Knob: Wired

Power and Ground: 4g with a set screw 

Asylum Car Audio CFAB1500.1 Mono Amp

SKU: CFAB1500.1
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