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1-Ohm = 3,000Wx1,

2-Ohm = 2,100Wx1,

4-Ohm = 1,400Wx1

Inputs: 1/0 power and ground
Using an extra battery located near the amplifier with copper wire is required for this amp, due to its large current draw, in an effort to stabilize the voltage. This amp requires a lot of power to make the power it produces, if you allow the power to dip too low then you will damage the amplifier and the speakers hooked up to it. Be very careful with amps that are this large. 

*This amp will be a special order item. I do not have them in stock. There will be no warranties on this product in cases of abuse or incorrect installation. 

Asylum Car Audio CFAO3000.1

SKU: CFAO3000.1
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