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This is a set of RCA cables that I custom make myself. I use twisted two channel cable for these and solder on RCA ends. This RCA end is gold plated from a well known brand: Nuetrik. 

You can choose how many feet long you need the rcas to be made and I will custom make them for you. You may also choose the color of flex loom installed over the cable to give it some character.

In order to keep this custom, please make your selections in the drop down menu and then type in the length you want. 1ft is as short as I can make them and please keep the denomination in 6 inch increments for your custom length. so 1', 1.5', 2', 5', 7.5', 10' etc.

Because these are custom made to order and not just prepackaged on my shelf, please allow a few days for me to make your order. I always have enough supplies in stock for a few cables, if you order several RCA cables i might have to special order those parts back in, please understand.  


Custom Made RCA cables 2ch

PriceFrom $49.99
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