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This 6 AWG amp power kit that I put together uses EB Flex fine copper stranded wiring. Some of the key features of this amp kit are as follows:


  • Utilizing copper wire that is made in USA
  • Quality MANL fuse holder with extra heat shrinks to help with your install and positioning on main power wire.
  • Comes with hydraulically crimped tubular copper ring terminals.
  • Real grounding solution: Predrill a 1/4" hole, scrape the paint away, and the grounding lug will tap its own threads providing a solid ground for you.

    Kit inventory:
  • 17ft 6 AWG copper EB Flex black color power wire
  • Complete length of power run covered in rasta flex loom
  • 3ft 6 AWG copper EB Flex black ground wire
  • 17ft blue remote turn on wire
  • 1 MANL Fuse holder with two extra heat shrinks
  • 1 MANL fuse 80a
  • 2 copper ring terminals crimped for you
  • 1 Firewall grommet
  • 1 Zinc grounding lug
  • High quality zip ties

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Premium Rasta 6 AWG Copper Amp Power Kit

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