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  • This is a Universal Big Three Upgrade Kit made of 2/0 AWG copper EB Flex wiring, some flex loom, and copper ring terminals. 
  • This is for those who do not know how long the wires need to be. You will buy this kit and then cut the wires to the correct length during your install.
  • The ground wire will be 5' long with a ring terminal at each end. You will cut this wire somewhere in between the ring terminals to get your two ground wires at the proper length needed for your install. 
  • The power wire is also 5' long and you may choose a color of flex loom for it: Blue/Black, Red/Black, Green/Black, or Neon Green. I will install the loom, heatshrink, and crimp ONE end of this wire.
  • This leaves you with 3 uncrimped ends that you will cut to the proper length and terminate as needed.  
  • I also include some premium zip ties with these kits to help you complete your install. Please make sure to keep the cables zip tied up off of the engine which can get very hot.


Universal 2/0 AWG Copper Big Three Upgrade Kits

Color of Loom on Power Cable
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