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This is my most basic line of enclosures. Literally just a square enclosure made out of 3/4" MDF material. No carpet or wiring. This one will be for a single subwoofer and downfiring, meaning that it has legs on three sides forcing all the sound pressure out one side. Helps for better sound in smaller cabs like a pickup truck. Also protects the subwoofer from theives seeing it and other cargo damaging it.

You can choose the size of subwoofer, and also choose the final airspace in the drop down menus. 

All downfiring enclosures made with 2.5-3" of space between floor and woofer baffle for best sound possible. 

When you purchase this, I will need to know a little information before I can start your build.
I need the model number of your subwoofer so I can look up two things: depth of the subwoofer and cutout diameter. I need both of these numbers to make sure your sub fits perfectly in the enclosure and airspace you chose. 
I will also need some measurements from you. Your maximum allowable width measurement. So wherever you want this to go, measure to space of how wide and how deep it can. Or how wide and tall you want it. The third dimension will need to be variable so I can get the proper airspace. So you choose two, height and width, or width and depth. 
I will communicate with you for approval of one proof, one final measurement before I cut the wood, to make sure this custom enclosure fits perfectly for your project.

In that message you are more than welcome to ask for any variations you would like with this enclosure including the actual cutout size out of the owners manual.

Enclosure type: Sealed Downfiring
Number of subs: Two
Material: MDF
Carpet: none
Terminal Bolts: sold seperately
Wiring: none

Basic Ported Dowfiring Enclosure

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