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Carpenter at Work

I will be honest with you, I love building custom enclosures, projects, and speaker cabinets here in Longview and Kelso, WA.
There are many types of enclosures, and they enhance the sound differently in their own ways. So depending on the goals of the system you will likely benefit from using the proper subwoofer and enclosure. 

On this page below, you will find helpful information along with a gallery of enclosures I have built in the past. As examples of my workmanship, style, and pricing estimates. As with all custom work, price is negotiable depending on what exactly you want. 

If you would like to purchase a custom made enclosure, please feel free to call me at 509-379-0426 or you can email me at 



Takes up less space, smaller in size than ported. Sounds fuller at higher frequencies, very articulate sounding, best for SQ and people who do not want the bass to be too overpowering. Most even frequency response and ability to play the lowest without damaging the subwoofer. 

Recap of pros:

  • Smaller in size

  • Better sound for SQ

  • Plays lower without risk of damaging subwoofer




Larger sized enclosure and a much louder, bigger, and slightly boomy sound.
This is the way you want to go if you want the MOST bass possible. You can also choose the tuning frequency of the port, this will add an incredible boost at and around the tuning frequency sometimes even making a single subwoofer sound as loud as two or three subwoofer setups. 

Recap of pros:

  • Much louder output 

  • tunable frequency response


Rear firing:

Enclosure that has subwoofers firing towards the rear of the vehicle.  This will usually help to enhance the lower bass notes by allowing more distance for the bass waves to develop.

Up firing:

Enclosure with subwoofers firing towards the roof of the vehicle. 

This is usually done with large enclosures, four 12s for example, where there would need to be a large baffle and still need to see out of the rear window.

*Ports on these enclosures can also be up-firing as pictured, or rear firing.



Enclosure that is raised off the floor with subwoofers facing the floor. This style enclosure hides subwoofers from view and other cargo that could damage the speakers. It also can help increase sound quality.

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