Installing audio systems is how I started in car audio. Since day 1 in 2004 it has always been my bread and butter. The biggest thing that sets me apart is my attention to detail and thoroughness I take when dealing with other peoples vehicles. I treat customer vehicles with the same care and attention that I treat my own and my families vehicles. 
Doing excellent quality installs, and providing knowledgable and great customer service is how I operate.
By doing the best quality installation that I am capable of I can also provide a lifetime installation warranty. I will stand behind my work and ensure that it will not fall apart. I go through extra care to solder and carefully run my wiring so that there should be no reason the installation would ever fail.  The only thing that void my installation warranty is if the installation was changed by someone else, or if the vehicle was sold to a new owner. 

All product that is sold and installed by me will also have lifetime troubleshooting of the product included in addition to the installation warranty.
All products that I install and were NOT sold by me will only have an installation warranty. Troubleshooting of product failure would be charged for at the hourly rate.

A few things that I do differently to provide the quality of install:


  • I try to solder whenever possible

  • Zip ties are ALWAYS flush cut

  • I ground amplifiers with a grounding lug 

  • after the headunit install i will pair your phone for you

  • headunit installs will have date, time, and all eq and sound filters set

  • stop by after daylight savings time changes for a free clock reset

I base my pricing structure off of how long an install will take me. Bring me an easy install and i will charge you less than a more complicated one. I base my installation rates off of a $60 per hour rate. This is the most fair model in the industry today and I will not beat you up on price like a used car salesman would in other stereo shops.

Payment terms: for now preferred and accepted payments for installation will be in cash due on arrival, or if you prefer to pay by credit card I will send you an invoice via email that will need to be paid for BEFORE the installation is started. If there is a difference in the quote vs actual time worked I will be more than happy to refund the difference. 

Refunds: unfortunately I cannot refund the time I spend on your car. i will do it correctly with a lifetime installation warranty, but the time you are purchasing from me to work on your vehicle can never be given back to me once it is spent therefore i cannot refund the labor charges. Exceptions may be made, by me, in a rare circumstance if i feel that it is appropriate. 

Please contact me for a free quote and to schedule an installation appointment. 

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