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Q: How do I find your store?

A: Located in Kelso, WA. I am a one man business and so my store is this website. Installation is by appointment only, so please feel free to call or text me at  (509) 379-0426 to schedule your consultation appointment. 

Q: What types of things do you carry?

A: I have most of my inventory available online ranging mostly from car audio gear, installation parts, and sometimes even custom enclosures. Certain brands I am not allowed to sell online but can still get for you, like Diamond Audio, so if there is anything that you want but do not see then please feel free to ask!

Q: Can you help me wire my subs?
I would be happy to do that for you! You can hire me for one on one tech support via the phone or messenger for the price of a consultation. If you just need free advice, I also run a facebook installation tips and tricks forum to help DIY installers with their own installs. Please feel free to join and you can get free tech support and advice for your own install at 

Q: What is your return policy?
On custom made items like custom enclosures and custom big three kits, also any material that is cut off the roll like wire, grill cloth, carpet, heat shrink and also ring terminals that are crimped I do not allow returns. On all other items that I can put back on the shelf and sell as an unused, and unopened item, I will allow returns with in store credit only. The amount of in store credit will be determined by me on a case by base basis. I will factor in the cost of shipping to determine how much of a restocking fee/credit would be applied towards exchanging the items for something else that I sell.  

Q: Do you have any special dealer programs?

A: Yes I do, please send an email to me at for more information on reselling my #FAM products and also information on how you can help to earn credit towards future purchases when you refer your friends and family using a special referral program that I can set up for you.


Q: Do you do installs?

A: Yes I have the ability to do your install. On quicker jobs that do not require fabrication I will come to you. On larger jobs that take a few days I have space where the installation can be done with the upmost care and quality. Because I am a one man shop I work by appointment only, my shop is not open to the public for browsing, so please contact me to book your appointment.

Warranty on Installation:

When I do an installation with wiring and kits sold by me, it comes with a lifetime warranty on my workmanship. The warranty is that with the care and skill I put into my installs, the wiring that I sold you will not fall apart. If it does then bring it back to me so I can diagnose and fix the faulty wiring free of charge. The only reasons I would not do this is if someone else has gone in after I did the installation and started changing things around or if you are asking me to warranty wiring that was not purchased from me. 

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