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Polk Audio MM1 Series subwoofers offer superior performance from lightweight materials, so you'll get the impact you want without the extra weight of a conventional sub. They use advanced engineering and optimized components to reproduce your sound with uncompromising accuracy, and Polk built these marine-certified subs to take some serious abuse.


The MM842 8" 4-ohm subwoofer handles up to 300 watts RMS, with a titanium-coated polymer cone that'll stand the test of time. The fiberglass-reinforced ABS basket resists flexing during heavy excursion, so your sub hits hard without distorting. 


This sub has earned Advanced Ultra-Marine certification and an IP56 rating, which means it'll deliver powerful bass in some challenging conditions. The composite cone, waterproof surrounds, stainless steel mounting hardware, and ABS basket all resist corrosion, and the sub even features weep holes for proper drainage.

Polk Audio MM1 8" Subwoofer 4ohm

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