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Alpine's PXE-0850X amplifier/processor will deliver high-fidelity sound to almost any car audio system, aftermarket or factory.
The PXE-0850X can be used as a stand-alone sound processor, taking up to six inputs — from a factory system's high, midrange, and low frequency outputs for example — and providing twelve processed channels to feed your aftermarket amplifiers.
The PXE-0850X can also serve as a factory system upgrade — an amplifier with twice the power of a typical factory stereo with onboard sound processing — sending 25 watts RMS each to eight different speakers. 

You control the PXE-0850X's digital processing wirelessly with your compatible Bluetooth device or wired to a Windows-run PC via the supplied Bluetooth® adapter and USB cable. You can stream music as well as control the app from your compatible device without even needing a receiver. You download the free PXE-DSP-APP for iOS or Android device from the Apple APP or Google Play Store. The PXE-DSP-APP for Windows is available at


Matrix mixing allows for summing and input/output signal management. Fully adjustable high-pass, low-pass, and bandpass filters on every channel match the sound to your speakers. The 31-band equalizers help achieve the perfect tone, allowing you to smooth out any hot spots or dips in the frequency response of your vehicle's interior. The delay feature lets you center the stereo image for your listening position.

Enhanced control of the balance and frequency response

Alpine updated and improved the control software and remote control of the older model PXE-0850S for the PXE-0850X. Instead of blasting door chimes and inaudible navigation instructions, for example, you can control the volume and balance of each source independently, for the best-sounding mix.  A split-screen display for adjusting delay helps you dial in the perfect balance for your listening position. Another handy feature — the PXE-0850X processor can send out full-range sound to a multi-speaker system in a large vehicle like a bus or RV.

Remote included

The PXE-0850X comes with a wired LCD remote controller so you can control volume, store and recall presets, and select between sources from the driver's seat.

Alpine PXE-0850X

SKU: PXE-0850S
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