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This is an example of a custom enclosure I recently built. This was Baltic birch (special order) covered in trunk liner trimming a vinyl baffle. It has Franks AudioMotive terminal plates in the back and I can prewire this inside with any gauge speaker wire that you need. I default to 14g copper


The dimensions here to get 2.5 cubic feet and the trim shown are:
33" Wide

15.5" Tall

13"  Deep

These are built to order. If we need to make any changes please let me know before or when the order is placed. This is possible because they are custom made. So we can make sure that you get exactly what you need. 

Please be prepared to take some quick simple measurements of the space and trunk or door opening. Just to make sure that this enclosure will fit into the vehicle that you want to use it in. It’s super easy I can walk you through it if needed.


Because this is custom made this will take me a week or two to build. Please feel free to call before ordering for more exact wait times.



Thank you!

Sealed enclosure 2.5 cubic feet

PriceFrom $600.00
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