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So I had this idea to offer some premium speaker install kits.
These kits will consist of:


  • A pair of Install Bay brand Foam Rear Diffuser Pads

  • A pair of Install Bay brand Silicone Speaker Baffle Kits to fit a 6.5" Speaker. SKU: ISBBF65

  • A sheet of Mat66 brand 80mil sound dampening sheets 15.7" x 9.8" each sheet which is enough to dampen the mounting surface of each speaker if you cut the sheet in half.

  • Ballistic brand sound dampening Roller Tool SKU: SSRLR3 

Premium Speaker Installation Kits


This page will allow you to create your own personal Premium Speaker Installation Kit depending on which parts you think you want to use and how many.

So feel free to add as many or as little of the following products to create your own speaker install kit.

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