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This is a custom ported enclosure that will be made to fit a Rockford Fosgate 10" P2 Subwoofer with a cutout diameter of 9.13"

This will be made of 13-ply Baltic Birch and will include a countersunk terminal plate prewired with 12G OFC Speaker Wire. I will place a small brace for the end of the port inside the enclosure and inset the sides by 1/8-1/4" so the final enclosure will be slightly wider than what is shown in sub box pro in order to keep the same airspace. I will include the option below to add speaker box carpet if you choose to do so. Carpet will look 10x better in my opinion it hides the small amount of tear out that does occur with the baltic birch.This enclosure will be made to order so please allow a few days from placing order for me to make it and get it dropped off at Fedex for shipping.

In checkout I ask for your subwoofer model so I can double check for the correct cutout diameter to make this custom enclosure fit your subwoofer perfectly.

10" Ported Enclosure 1.5 cubic feet @ 32hz double aero ports

  • This is the link to the subwoofer this is designed to work with. I went a hair over on the airspace and am tuning lower than recommended for a slightly fuller sound that does not "wimp out" at 32hz like it would if tuned to 40hz as Rockford Recommends. This is more of a SQ tune vs a SPL or LOWHZ tune.

  • This enclosures dimensions and cut sheet/specs can be seen at:

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