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I love 8" subwoofers. Here is an example of one I built for 3 JL Audio 8w3v3-4 subwoofers. It was ported around 35hz and sounded amazing. 

I make enclosures with several different options. The enclosure pictured here has the following options: 3/4" MDF, Black Carpet, Downfiring, Ported

Being that thes are usually made to order, I can add any details you would like, including but not limited to:

Carpet: None
Black Carpet 
Charcoal Gray

Baffle: Single
Countersunk Double 

Terminal Plates: None
Basic Surface Mount 
Advanced Countersunk 

Materials: MDF
Baltic Birch 

Downfiring: Helps to protect the subwoofer without needing a grill. Protects from objects that damage and protects from view from thieves. If they cannot see it then they will not likely steal it.

If you have any other special requests or ideas for me then please feel free to contact me for a free quote!

Triple 8" Ported Downfiring

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