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This is a Premium grade 8 AWG OFC amp power kit that I put together.


I only have black cable so when you order your color of flex loom I will include flex loom on the entire power side of the amp kit.


There are a few things that make this kit premium grade:

  • Flex loom installed for you with extra heat shrinks for placement of the fuse holder.
  • Copper ring terminals come pre crimped making your install easier and better.
  • Reference ground wire included so you can run a reference ground between head unit and amp to reduce chance of ground loops.
  • Zinc grounding lug which is the best grounding solution.
  • Grommet
  • This kit comes with wire ferrules and heat shrink

    This kit contains:
  • 17ft 8 awg OFC flex loom preinstalled
  • 3ft 8 awg OFC black 
  • 17ft blue remote turn on wire
  • 17ft reference ground wire
  • 1 MANL fuse holder
  • 1 MANL fuse 60a
  • 2 8g copper ring terminals
  • 8g grommet
  • 1 Zinc grounding bolt
  • Wire Ferrules, heat shrink, and other neccesary hardware
  • Several high quality zip ties to help with your installation

    Please don't forget to add RCA cables if you need them, and you may also check out these related products you will want to complete your install:

#FAM 8 AWG OFC Amp Power Kit

Color of Loom
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