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This is a big three upgrade kit that I can custom make for you using 1/0 AWG Copper EB FLEX Branded Cable. *this is different than what is shown in all pictures I am still updated pics when I sell a kit.

You choose the length of wire you want for each of the three wires.

Wires #1 and #2 will be black cable with no flex loom for your grounds.

For wire #3 you can choose your color of flex loom: Blue/Black, Red/Black, Green/Black, etc. I will install the loom and heatshrink the ends on all three wires.


You will get all 6 wire ends complete with hydraulically crimped TINNED COPPER ring terminals and heat shrink. I default make these to have 5/16" ring on all wire ends, but these ring terminals can be any combination of sizes 1/4”, 5/16", or 1/2" so if you need different please just make a comment in the order.


I make these kits custom per order so I can make them specially for your build, if you need a special variation on the ring terminals, or even wire ferrules instead, feel free to ask.


I also include some premium zip ties with these kits to help you complete your install. Please make sure to keep the cables zip tied up off of the engine which can get very hot.


The 5/16" copper lugs also fit my zinc grounding bolts which can be purchased separately if needed to complete your big three.

Custom Made 1/0 AWG Copper Big Three Upgrade Kits

SKU: 0gBigThree
PriceFrom $99.99
Color of loom on wire #3
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