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This is a new product idea i am working on. I have cooling fans, but to install them you will need extra wiring, a relay, and the correct fusing to do it correctly. So that is what this kit is for. 

In this kit you will get:
1 cooling fan SKU: CF1

1 relay

red/ black 18g ofc wire for fan

blue wire for remote turn on in and out to relay

black wire for relay ground

ATC fuse holder and fuse to protect the circuit
wiring instructions

optional accesories:
- extra fan
- push button switch for fans

This kit is designed to be triggered by a 12v signal, so either your remote turn on, or the switched wire behind your headunit. 
In many cases neither of these wires are rated to support the added current from the fans so I include a relay that will help you up the current capabilities. Relays can be tricky for rookies so I also include wiring instructions. 
Basically how this works is the 12v switched signal (or remote turn on) flips the relay on. The relay then allows the fans to draw power off the main power supply and not the remote turn on circuit which is usually only rated to handle less than 1a of current. 
So using the relay makes that safer for the headunit, using the fuse makes it safer for your wiring and car in case of emergency. 


Amplifier cooling fan kit

PriceFrom $34.99
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