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This is a great 5ch amplifier from Asylum Audio that puts out incredible amounts of power! In the past, 5ch had suffered from not having enough power, and this amplifier from Asylum Audio has solved that problem for most listeners out there by upping the output to the subwoofer channel to 1000watt RMS @ 1 ohm!!! 

The rated power on the box is
200w rms x 4ch @ 1 ohm 1% THD

120w rms x 4ch @ 2 ohm 1% THD

1000w rms x 1ch @ 1 ohm 1%THD
650w rms x 1ch @ 2 ohms 1% THD


Idle current draw: 2.9 amps
Max current draw: 181 amps

REQUIRED to use 1/0awg copper power and ground on this amp. You cannot use this amp with any wire smaller than 1/0awg please do not even try. And always use copper wire. 


Asylum Car Audio 5ch 1200.5 "The Big One"

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