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  • Connects to the vehicles antenna cable
  • Provides audio signal into a radio
  • Uses stereo RCA input and 87.9MHz or 88.3 MHz for tuning
  • Comes with separate Rocker on off switch
  • For use with portable audio devices

NOTE: Additional antenna adaptors may be required for use with non-factory installed radios.

This is a wired FM Modulator. It will allow you to connect your auxiliary device, anything that can plug into the RCA inputs of the modulator, to your factory or aftermarket stereo. How this works is it will plug into your antenna system behind the radio, and when you turn the switch on it will disconnect your outside antenna. By using this WIRED FM Modulator, and the way it disconnects your outside antenna, it allows this to be the only thing transmitting into your factory radio giving you quality of sound as good as your strongest FM channel. This will not not sound fuzzy like the cheap wireless modulators, this is the good one.

This works great with a simple 3.5mm (headphone connection) to RCA connector, or you can even use the Bluetooth devices that I have to plug directly into this. I have done that before and it works great!

AXM-DC02 Wired FM Modulator

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