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This is a basic custom ported enclosure. It will be the vented SQ enclosure shown in the picture i have attached. Built for the 12" Subwoofer at 1.9 cubic feet tuned to 36hz.

The enclosure is my basic line up. I have countersunk the side panel for my terminal plates so it will come with the terminal plates prewired with 12g OFC speaker wire. It is made of 3/4" MDF. 

Standard cutout for the subwoofer is 11.125", if you need a different cutout diameter then please specifiy when ordering and I can make you a new and custom one. If you do not know your cutout diameter then please feel free to just give me your model number of the speaker and I can look that information up. 

It will be built to the dimensions shown at this website (the port exits out the front, subbox pro has limitations but i like to use it as a visual representation).

Ported Single 12" Enclosure

  • If you need to alter any of the dimensions then please do so with this link and then send them back to me by cut and pasting your new URL for the changes. You will cut and paste this link when you are adding this to the cart.

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