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  1. This enclosure pictured is my Better line of enclosures. This one is made for a pair of 12" subs downfiring. These are finished in black or charcoal gray carpet (your choice), or you can choose no carpet if you want, just let me know in the comments.
    ou can also choose if you would llike terminal plates which will come in this case with a pair of terminal plates. One for each subwoofer prewired on the inside of the enclosure with 12g OFC Speaker wire. 

This one will be for a pair of subwoofers and downfiring, meaning that it has legs on three sides forcing all the sound pressure out one side. Helps for better sound in smaller cabs like a pickup truck. Also protects the subwoofer from theives seeing it and other cargo damaging it.

You can choose the desired final airspace in the drop down menus. This will be the airspace for both subwoofers combined. If you want a specific airspace, like 3.75 and it is not listed then choose the closest airspace to what you want, and then make a special note about the airspace requirements when you place your order please. 
You may also choose a center divider at no extra cost just simple state if you would like this common chamber (no divider) or seperate sealed chambers (with divider/brace). 

All downfiring enclosures made with 2-3" of space between floor and woofer baffle for best sound possible. 

When you purchase this, I will need to know a little information before I can start your build.

Model number of your subwoofer so I can look up the depth and the cutout diameter.

I will also need some measurements from you. Measure in inches please the maximum width, height, and depth you have available for the enclosure. I will work as close to these dimensions as possible

you are more than welcome to ask for any variations you would like with this enclosure when you place your order.


Enclosure type: Sealed Downfiring
Number of subs: Two
Material: MDF or Baltic Birch
Carpet: Black Or Gray
Terminal Bolts:  Choose yes/no will come prewired with 12g OFC speaker wire

Sealed Double Dowfiring 12" Enclosure

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