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This enclosure is for a pair of 10" subwoofers, if you would like one made for a different pair of subs please let me know!

Most 10" subwoofers want 0.65 cubic feet per sub, so that is what this enclosure is. 1.3 cubic feet after estimated subwofer displacement and with a divider in between the subwoofers as seen. The divider is good to double as a brace and give you seperate chambers. If you would like this opened up I can router a passthrough which will help you connect both subwoofers to one wire terminal vs having two seperate.

Speaking of, you will need to let me know if you want one or two terminal plates. If you want two, I will include the extra one at the same price listed because this is truely custom, so just let me know!

I will need for you to measure the area you have available where the subwoofer enclosure will go and send those measurements to me in your special notes when ordering.
 will need to know: 
- what subwoofer you are using so i can get the depth and cutout diameter correct
- how much airspace you want (if different than this).
- maximum width, height, and depth allowable in inches. I will make the enclosure as close to these measurements as possible. 

I make enclosures with several different options. Being that thes are usually made to order, I can add any details you would like, including but not limited to:

Carpet: Charcoal Gray Carpet
             Black Carpet 

Baffle:  Single

Terminal Plates

Materials: MDF
                 Baltic Birch $60

Bracing: I can also design a brace for your new enclosure. Several different options are available such as: Simple Brace, 4 Wall Brace, and a Window Brace. Please message me to discuss bracing options.

If you have any other special requests or ideas for me then please feel free to contact me for a free quote!

Sealed Dual 10" Subwoofer Enclosure

This is custom made per order. Local pickup only at this price.
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