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This enclosure will be made for your pair of subs. The last time I made this was for the kicker 10" L7 pictured (speakers not included with this item) and was be ported, 4.15 cubic feet, tuned low with a side exit port. What makes this enclosure special is going to be all the extra layers on the front baffle for cosmetic and structural reasons. It will be similar in style to the enclsoure pictured above with the vinyl, carpet, some bracing. The subwoofers will be countersunk in a baffle that also has a nice router pattern inlayed. The baffle will be covered in black vinyl and will have 2700k LED lights (a goldish yellow color) shining across the pattern perpindicularly. This creates a beautiful effect. over the 3d pattern. The LED will be hidden behind another panel that will match the rest of the enclsoure wrapped in black carpet. This enclosures final measurements will be estimated to be about 31.75-32" wide after carpeting to fit perfectly within the spacial requirements set by the customer. The height will be 15" and I am estimating the depth come in right around 25" after all the extra cosmetic layers. I will have the LEDs pigtails wired near the terminal plates on the back of the enclosure with a relay that will will be fed into the amps power, ground, and remote turn on wire. I will have all this prewired located at the back (front of the vehicle) of the enclosure so it is not visible from the trunk opening. I also made a custom embossed plaque on this example. In your custom enclosure you can choose the name or logo to be on that same plaque. Feel free to message me about this enclosure and we can plan yours.

Custom LED enclosure

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