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This is a Dual Amp Kit I put together using 1/0 AWG EB Flex Copper welding cable and 4awg copper EB Flex. This particular kit is designed to help you install two amplifiers.


It comes with the following:


17ft 1/0AWG Copper EB Flex power wire covered in your choice of loom. Precrimped with tinned copper ring terminal to ease your installation.

#FAM ANL fuse holder 250a fuse. Heat shrink and wire ferrules for where you will install the fuse holder onto the main power wire near the battery.

Firewall grommet

25' of blue remote turn on wire

25' of reference ground wire

2 position fused distribution block with MANL fuses

100a fuses for the distribution block (feel free to let me know if you need a smaller value I can swap them out at no extra cost)

16' total 4AWG copper cable cut into half

4AWG Power half is covered in flex loom.

4AWG Ground half will be black in color total with a ring terminal crimped on each end. You will cut this wire in half, and ground the amps with the grounding bolts included (they can both be grounded to the same bolt if needed).

A pair of zinc self tapping grounding bolts, one for each amp ground.

Several high quality zip ties to help with your install (about 30)



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Color of Loom on Power Cable
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