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This is a 1/0 AWG OFC copper amp power kit that I put together using my EB Flex Copper welding cable which is made in USA.


Some of the key features of this amp kit are as follows:

  • AWG rated cable is heavy duty with a double thick rubber insulation that is made to withstand all the elements underhood or undercar.
  • Flex loom for extra protection
  • ANL fuse holder with 250a fuse
  • Comes with hydraulically crimped tubular tinned copper ring terminals (the best)
  • Ring terminals hydraulically crimped to save you time and effort as the installer
  • Reference ground wire to reduce ground loops
  • Real grounding solution: Predrill a 1/4" hole, scrape the paint away, and the grounding lug will tap its own threads providing a solid ground for you.


This kit comes with:

  • 17ft 1/0 AWG Copper EB Flex power cable covered with flex loom
  • 3ft 1/0 AWG Copper EB Flex black ground wire
  • 17ft blue remote turn on wire
  • 17ft reference ground wire
  • #FAM ANL Fuse holder
  • 250a ANL Fuse
  • Tinned 1/0 copper ring terminals
  • Firewall grommet
  • Zinc grounding lug
  • Wire ferrules with heat shrink
  • Several high quality zip ties to help with your install
  • (optional) 2ch Stinger 17' entry level shielded rca cable
  • (optional) universal 1/0 big three kit


RCA Cables (optional): This is to add a low budget 2ch 17' stinger brand shielded rca cable. I have other options elsewhere on the site if you need other choices. 


Universal Big Three Kit (optional): This will be two cables, 5' long each. One loomed matching your amp kit for the alternator power cable, and one that is black with no loom for your two grounds. You will receive three uncrimped ring terminals and extra heat shrink with this kit. You will need to cut and crimp the wires at the desired lengths for your install. This is the universal kit. I can cut and crimp them for you if you buy the custom made kit elsewhere on this website. 



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#FAM 1/0 AWG OFC Amp Power Kit

PriceFrom $149.99
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