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Here is a ported enclosure I make for a pair of 12" subwoofers. The one pictured is about 3.5 cubic feet, but I can make them specifically to whatever size and tuning that you or your subwoofers desire. Just let me know what you want it to sound like. 

This enclosure is ported, meaning that it has a specially designed air chamber to vent the internal air with the external airspace when the subwoofer is playing. This adds an increase in sound output near the ported frequency, and it is adjustable and tunable before the enclosure is built.

I have designed the enclosure pictured with a carefully calculated airspace of 3.5 cubic feet after displacement, and tuning frequency of 35hz to give a 12" subwoofer a great boost in the low end frequencies that it normally would not get when using a sealed enclosure, but without sacrificing too much trunk space.

Width: 35.5"
Height: 15.5"
Depth: 16.5" (as shown with countersunk layer)
Port: 14" x 2.75" x 24.75" long 32hz tuning

If you would like another size made or any of my parameters changed for your build, then please feel invited to contact me and we can get one made specifically for your needs!

I make enclosures with several different options. Being that thes are usually made to order, I can add any details you would like, including but not limited to:

Carpet: Charcoal Gray
             Black Carpet

Baffle:  Countersunk 

Terminal Plates: Prewired with countersunk terminal plates & speaker wire

Materials: MDF
                 Baltic Birch

If you have any other special requests or ideas for me then please feel free to contact me for a free quote!

Ported Dual 12" Subwoofer Enclosure

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