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This is the listing for a duplicate subwoofer enclosure I had built previously as a special request. 

3/4" MDF will be used for the construction of this enclosure.
Countersink subwoofers behind the custom cut and pressed aluminum grill.
Enclosure will be carpeted in black carpet with a Vinal wrapped trim, red (let me know if you want different color i can order it in).
Two terminal plates will be included and countersunk, one of each side of the enclosure as represented in the pictures. If you only want or need one then let me know and I will only put one. They are 1/4-20 bolts so they can handle a lot of current.
I will also use extensive router work on the enclosure to roundover the edges and also make the port exit nice looking as shown in the picture example.
Port will be side firing per the design provided and the inside of the port spray painted with black paint.
It will have a nice "window brace" in it for structural rigidity. Please see pictures for details

The maximum external dimensions of the one pictured are 29.5" wide, 16.25" tall and 22" deep. It was made for 12" subs, about 3 cubes, tuned to 33hz based off of what the customer wanted.
When making your enclosure I will need to know what subwoofers it is for so that I can cut the cutout for the subwoofer mounting and countersinking to make sure it fits. I can make these enclosure to any size, volume, and dimensions. We can discuss the type of sound you want and build your enclosure accordingly. Feel free to message me so we can start planning yours as soon as possible!

At this price the enclosure will be specially designed and made to fit your subwoofer and I will also include shipping.
I can also make a different version than this without the aluminum grill I can knock about $150 off the price and still make a nice trim border as shown wrapped in vinal. 
This will be custom made specifically for your order, so please let me know which details you would like incorporated into your new enclosure!

If you would rather pick up this enclosure locally in Longview, WA I can discount some ($125 additional) because of the incredibly high cost to ship this thing that would no longer be needed. let me know :)

Time frame untill ready for pickup: I usually order the aluminum and vinal specifically for each project and will want 2 to 3 weeks turn around time from date of order placed, so i can order in supplies from several different suppliers, design, build, wrap, and prepare for shipping.

Pressed Aluminum Grill Ported Enclosure For a Pair Of 12s

  • To get a discount on this enclosure, the two main things that drive the price to where it is are:

    Custom Aluminum Pressed Grill ($150)
    Shipping the extremely heavey item ($125)
    Window Brace ($100)
    Vinal Trim/Screw Cover ($75)
    Two Terminal Plates countersunk ($50)

    I would be extremely happy to lower the amount of work that goes into this enclosure, and the final price, if you want to consider removing any of those optional items. 

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