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This is a 4 AWG REAR BATTERY amp power kit that I put together using EB FLEX multi- stranded copper wiring made in the USA.  

I make this kit as a power kit without rca but you can add RCA cables to your cart separately using some of the links below.


Some of the key features of this amp kit are as follows:

  • Utilizing EB FLEX 4awg copper cable
  • Comes with crimped tubular tinned copper ring terminals which are more resistant to corrossion.
  • Wire ferrules with heat shrink

    This kit includes:
  • 10ft 4 AWG copper power wire
  • Flex Loom covering power side of cable.
  • 10ft 4 AWG copper black ground wire
  • 17ft blue remote turn on wire
  • 17ft reference ground wire
  • MANL #FAM Fuse holder
  • MANL Fuse 100a
  • 4 AWG tinned copper lugs precrimped for you
  • Wire Ferrules & Wire Forks
  • High quality zip ties

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