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This is a sealed enclosure for a pair of JL audio 13.5 W7 subwoofers. Built to spec from JL audios website recommendations for a sealed enclosure with a double front baffle. The enclosure will be two sealed chambers separated in the middle by a partition which will double as a brace. The enclosure will come with two pairs of terminal bolts (4 bolts total).Below are the final dimensions of the enclosures outer measurements.

33" wide, 15.5" tall, 18.75" deep.

This enclosure will be made of 13 ply baltic birch and covered in black carpet.Please allow me some time to build this because it is custom made to order. The baltic birch is also custom order so please be patient while I order and build this. Feel free to message or call me for a quote.

Sealed enclosure for pair of 13.5w7ae

This is custom made with special order lumber. Please call or message me for exact time estimates. This price includes shipping.
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