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This is a sealed enclosure for a  single 10" Subwoofer. 

Most 10" subwoofers want about 0.65 Cubic feet. Some are different. I will custom make this enclosure to fit your subwoofer particularly. This one pictured was made for a 10" JL Audio 10w1v3-4. 

I make enclosures with several different options. The enclosure pictured here has the following options: 3/4" MDF, Black Carpet, Countersunk Double Baffle

Being that thes are usually made to order, I can add any details you would like, including but not limited to:

Carpet: Charcoal Gray
                Black Carpet

Materials: MDF
                     Baltic Birch $50

This enclosure will come prewired with a countersunk terminal plate. 

If you have any other special requests or ideas for me then please feel free to contact me for a free quote!

Sealed Single 10" Enclosure

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