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When you are running a healthy amount of power to your subwoofers, consider that traditional terminal cups cannot handle much power due to the cheap and thin materials. They also require drilling a large 2 or 3" hole to then be mounted by a few screws.

My plate system only requires drilling of two 1/4" holes for the 1/4-20 bolts. You use large washers on the inside of the enclosure, and the ABS plate on the outside to spread the clamping force out, strengthening the enclosure instead of weakening it with a 3" hole.

I have built many enclosures using this plate system and i can say these handle considerably more power than any terminal cup i have used before.
You can see in the pictures many systems installed even some with 8g wire that was sold separately outside of this sku with added heatshrink. If you want something like that feel free to ask me and I can show you how to set that up in the shopping cart.

This kit includes:

1 1/4" ABS Plate
2 1/4-20 bolts 
2 nuts for the bolts

2 wing nuts
2 large washers for inside/outside enclosure
6 smaller washers for the outside
2 lock washers

4 Ring Terminals 10-12g size

4 Red and Black colored heat shrinks

Thank you for your interest. If you have any questions please email us, or visit my facebook site for Franks Audio Motive. Or you may also find me on the group as well.

Terminal Plate System

SKU: TerminalPlate
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