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10" Enclosure 0.75 Cubes Ported to 38hz

Updated: Nov 23, 2019

So I was looking at a bunch of things trying to decide which enclosure to psychically build next and running a bunch of numbers. I actually started out cutting some wood for a single 12" sub, sealed. Pretty much target airspace of 1.18 cubes after I put the countersunk baffle on. But then I started drawing the cutout and i didn't account that a 13.75" tall enclosure would not really fit a 13" inner diameter cutout... I mean sure it will but after the roundovers and such it would just be too thin and kind of goofy (not in the good fun way). So here I am with the wood already cut and I am thinking how do I save this? I start scribbling some math and seeing where I am actually at airspace wise and port displacement, etc etc. So it turns out I can basically make this enclosure perfectly for the airspace and tuned frequency of a 10w6v3 which wants 0.75 cubes, tuned to 39hz and about 15 square inches of port area. I had to squeeze the port down a tad to 1.125 wide instead of 1.25wide to keep the final airspace in the right spot. Anyways now that I know how large its going to be and the exact math on everything I threw it all through winISD to see how she would do on a collection of JL Audio 10" subs, and just for fun I threw in two Sundowns as well since they always model so well. Here we are. At .75 cubes at 38hz everything seems to look like it will peform well. This should be a great semi universal 10" ported enclosure. I think I'll get started on making it. This is gonna be a less than 20" wide enclosure that fits a 31" long port in it. Should make for some good pictures. I'd try to build it entirely today but I left my router at the day job. Gonna have to bring that one back home tomorrow lol.

Stayed tuned, will update with more progress when I get a little more done. -Frank

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