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#FAM Amp Kit Installation Tips Guide

#FAM Amp Kit Installation Tips

You may notice that my amp kits come with different parts than you may be familiar with having used other kits in the past. I just want to take a moment to explain a few points I have learned to make installation of my kits a lot easier and better.

- Fuse Holder: Make sure fuse holder is mounted, either with zip ties or screws. Close to the battery, generally within the first 12" of the power run. To install the fuse holder, cut the cable including the flex loom at the spot it needs to be. To keep the flex loom from fraying use a torch on the ends. Two extra heat shrinks are included to go over the flex loom after it is cut. You may also use JK Exterior tape or electrical tape which is sold in my store as well.

- Power wire run: I include premium zip ties for your power wire run. Please use a lot of these under hood. You do not want your power wire to fall on any moving parts, or hot parts like the exhaust or engine. Zip tie all amp kit parts up off of such things.

- Grommet: Must be used on the firewall. When you drill the hole for the power wire make sure you do not drill into anything important like the brake booster or other wire harnesses. Use the supplied grommet to protect the wire going through the firewall. 

- Reference Ground Wire (black 16g): Connect this wire to the headunit ground. This is just a reference wire, not a replacement ground. Please read my blog for more information on how and why this wire is used. The other end of this wire should be connected to the blue ring terminal included with your kit that and bolted down with the ground at the grounding lug.  

- Grounding Bolt: This bolt requires a ¼" pilot hole be predrilled. After that then use a wire brush to clean up the paint for a good electrical ground. I sell a special wire brush with a centering pin for this exact tast, it works great. After that is ready then use a ½" nut driver on a drill to install the ground bolt. It will be tough at first while it cuts the threads. Once this bolt is in, ground the amp ground and reference ground to this bolt. If you want to go the extra mile then spray paint over the top and underneath the vehicle where the bolt protrudes to protect against rust. 

Any further questions please feel free to ask them at or you may also contact me directly.

Thank You,

Frank Turner

Franks AudioMotive

(360) 771-7461

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