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Infiniti G37 Amp Rac

Just wanted to post some build pics of a project I did a while back.

This is what the customer brought me. A deadened trunk missing all of the interior panels, and some amps, with a basic idea. Wanted to put the amps in the front of the trunk and leave some space in the back for his prefab enclosure.

Just building some panels to get the shape right. And covering some computer modules/factory bose amp that was on the left rear side of the trunk. Using margine grade fir for this install in case it gets some rain water it will not swell up like MDF would. Should last a long time and is very lightweight as well.

These pics above show the window that was cut out to show off the amps. Plenty of room inside the amp rack for ventilation and also room to run the wires and keep it all clean.

Wrapping the materials, all the parts you will see.

Assembly above and below are some final pics after the wiring and LED install before I gave it back to the shop who hired me to build this for them so they could finish doing the install.

And below are some final random pictures of some of the other parts of the vehicle I did in this bout. I later went back to help finish more of it at the customers shop but I do not have pics to show of the Dayton install and quick mounting bracket I made. I hope these pics helps other people out :) Don't forget to browse my website for your own install parts.

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