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Why do people ask what speakers they should buy?

Updated: Oct 23, 2021

Let me preface this one question by saying that I see this way too many times happening online and in my opinion it is one of the things that does no good. People are asking others what speakers they should buy. Or asking, "is this speaker better than this speaker?" This is such a waste of time, in my personal opinion, to ask someone else what they think about speakers in an effort to choose the right ones. Its almost as pointless as me asking you what type of underwear I should be wearing, or what type of spices I should put on my food. When it comes to the way a speaker sounds, it is EXTREMELY subjective to the listener, and very personal. Almost everyone likes different things. I have confirmed this in the sound room while playing speakers for people and seeing what they choose. When picking out speakers the number one thing that matters is to listen to them first.

Everyones ears are different. There is ABSOLUTELY NO SENSE in asking someone online, regardless of how much you respect them, for their opinion on a speaker. The only way to know if a speaker is going to sound good to your ears is to listen to them yourself.

All speakers have different sounds but I would not say that one type of sound is generally better or worse than the other.

I notice there are two types of shoppers for speakers and neither is right or wrong in my opinion. Some people shop by what sounds the best, and some people shop strictly based on what they can afford. Heck, most people probably are a mixture of those types, myself included.

My point is that if you care about the sound then just try to listen to them first. I know shopping online makes that almost impossible and that even I sell speakers on my website so it almost makes me a hypocrite, but if you care about the sound then dont trust the reviews or other peoples opinions, just try to give them a listening test.

Now if you do end up trying to find reviews about speakers to help make your decision, ignore all the ones that say the speakers sound good, or clear. Thats not really a good way to describe the sound of something. Try to find some reviews or description that explain what the different materials in the speaker sound like. Sounding bright is a characteristic of a metal dome tweeter. A silk dome tweeter will usually sound the opposite, I would describe it as smooth sounding. Remember that neither is technically better than the other, its just a different type of sound. It is extremely difficult for most people to describe the sound of a speaker so just beware when trusting any online reviews. I firmly stand behind my statement that if you care about the sound then you should try to listen to them first, It really takes the guess work out of the entire decision making process. Thank you, Frank

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