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Pacific Northwest's best choice for car audio equipment. I make custom enclosures, custom wiring kits, custom RCA cables, and offer top quality car audio consulting and installation. Yes, I even do fleet work! 

My name is Frank Turner, I am an experienced car audio installer located in Kelso, WA. I service the entire PNW including areas between Tacoma, WA - Yakima, WA - Olympia, WA - Castle Rock, WA - Longview, WA - Ridgefield, WA - Vancouver, WA - Portland, OR and more.

In an effort to give exceptional service I operate by appointment only.
Please call or text 509-379-0426 to reach me.

Below you will find some links to different sections of my website for shopping, and also a small showcase of some of my installs and recommended products. 


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First getting involved professionally with car audio in 2004, most recently MECP Advanced Certified. I have a lot of experience including installing, teaching, planning, and fabricating car audio and vehicle electrical systems.

My specialty is performing top quality installations on busines or personal vehicles, making custom amp kits, custom rca cables, and custom enclosures.
Servicing the nearby area here in the Pacific Northwest.
Please give me a call or text at 509-379-0426


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