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Updated: Nov 23, 2019

I cannot explain how excited I am to be getting this new website up and running. It's a lot of work to set this all up and doing so is making me a little more computer savvy. Learn something new everday right? Anyway for this website I am planning to have an outlet to sell my custom built enclosures and also I would like to try and cater to the DIY install crowd online. I have worked in shops for 15 years and the DIY installer was never really welcomed in the shops until I got hired at one where we mostly just sold wire by the foot and install supplies specifically to the DIY installer. Up until they hired me they did not have an installer and they were happy to help the customers with the install and give out installation advice to anyone that was a customer which is bizarre cause at most shops the golden rule is no free advice. They even sold tools too. They literally provided everything you would need. The complete solution as we would say in the big blue box. According to our supplier we sold an abnormal amount of install supplies vs the rest of the industry. Having worked in so many shops, I could immediately distinguish the difference between the shops that I believe responsible for the change. I want to bring that desperately needed change to the industry, starting with me. I plan on catering to the DIY installer. I want to teach ya'll how to install like I have learned except I don't want you all doing it the hardway. That way is expensive and a long road lol. In these blogs I would like to slow my installs down a bit and start documenting them more often. Point out the tricks, and tools I used to do such a good job. Hell, why not even sell the tools? All the things I would usually teach my coworkers, I would just as easily teach to you. Hell to be honest its hard to teach an old install dog new tricks and most of them want to argue. I have been training installers since 2005 professionally in over a dozen different shops. So stay tuned, follow me on social media, pull up a chair and lets learn some things. If there is anything else I can do to make your installs easier, please let me know!! Please feel free to follow my facebook groups below. You can also catch me on instagram and a few other social medias. If you visit the footer of any page in my website you will find links to these pages. But for now, join this group (please)

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