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Fiberglass kick panels for a Toyota Tundra

Updated: Nov 23, 2019

Started helping a friend build some kick panels for his Tundra. We did not take a lot of pics but basically cut out the kick to allow the top of the ring to inset a bit for some good imaging and then we layed down a bottom layer and let it cure. While that was curing I fabbed up some rings and then we needed to cut the bottom off of them and angle them to make them image the way we had planned.

After that we attached it all together and started wrapping the fleece. The CA glue and Activator I used was a god send compared to trying to staple fleece to the plastic. You can see I did a lot of staples (that will later be filled over with bondo so you wont see them) and then in some parts where the filler was not going to be a good idea, I just used the straight CA Glue and then after it soaked through just a squirt or two of the activator and it hardens immediately (so nice compared to other glues).

The CA Glue and Activator I use in my own installs I also offer (unused of course lol) on my website if any of you would like to do a project like this. CA GLUE

After gluing the fleece up i then trimmed that area back down with flush cuts i also offer on the website. Having the right tools sure helps out a lot to make quicker work and a better finished product!!

Flush Cutters

So now we are ready to paint on some fiberglass resin. It is super cold out tonight (below freezing in the garage) so this is gonna take a while to cure.

Wrapped in fleece

I have written an update to this story. Kicks are nearly finished!! Please click on the following link to read the next part of the series.

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