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How To: Quick Speaker Install

So here is a super common vehicle for a quick speaker install. Putting some 6.5s in a chevy pickup. Yes they make adapters for these pickups and yes it would work best with a speaker spacer. This install was a quick one per customers request. Yes on the sound dampening, yes to fast rings, no to the speaker spacer. With me as your installer, you get your choices of how much you want to spend. And installation is done accordingly. And to be super honest, in this case I would have chose the same two out of three.

First step, remove factory speaker. Then you can wash off that vapor barrier. Usually I will cut it back from the speaker a teeny bit if using sound dampening material. The way the material works is when it adheres to the metal, it will help lower the resonate frequency. It also squishes down a bit creating a small seal on the speaker to baffle surface. So i cut back the vapor barrier a teeny bit so it can stick directly to the metal, with the material overlapping the barrier.

*I always try to leave the vapor barrier in place. It keeps moisture from damaging the door panel and the electronic switches for windows and such. Leaving the vapor barrier is extremely important if you ask me.

This next part can be tricky. Attaching the wire to the speaker. Some people use wire connectors but i prefer to solder. It will not corrode or fall off, so less problems down the road. This is how I offer a lifetime warranty on my installs. They do not fall apart. TIP: it is super difficult to solder the wire while holding the speaker in your hand. If you notice here I have finger screwed the speaker in to a mounting hole. This positions the speaker in an easy to use position to solder the wires. After soldering then you can finish installing the speaker.

I always try to use the product called fast rings. This product will help to funnel the sound through the door panel. This helps to reduce unwanted cancellation from reflected sound waves. This kit also comes with foam part for inside the door panel, to absorb and deflect the back wave. Using fast rings is my first choice, of the three install options, it provides the greatest results, dollar for dollar.

**Please note, it is neccessary to cut the fast ring down to the right size/height. Otherwise it can fold back over the speaker when the door panel goes back on. Please note the cut marks, I use a sharp pair of scissors. These MUST be installed correctly otherwise they can actually HURT your speakers performance if it is blocking the speaker.

Thank you for reading. I hope to someday offer all the parts you will need to do this install on your own. I am working on getting sound deadener available, and more speakers to choose from. For now I will link to all the products I sell that would help you to do an install like this. Fast Rings

Soldering Iron


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