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Fiberglass kicks for Tundra (UPDATE)

Updated: Nov 23, 2019

Alright #FAM I got to put some more work into the kick panels that were being made last week for the Toyota Tundra.

Here is pretty where I left off. Stretched fleece that was stapled and glued down in select spots. This was after the #Fiberglass_Resin cured and I cleaned up the edged with the help of my #Flushcuts and a nice sharp razor blade.

So as you can see in the picture above. The next few steps to building the fiberglass kicks was to keep layering up the fiberglass. I did a about two layers at a time, then after it cured I went back to sand her down, and then another two layers. Four layers total on the front here made it plenty strong enough to keep from breaking if someones foot tried to go through it. Heck, these ARE kick panels, right? lol Alright so after a few more layers which I will not post all the pics of, the next step was to build up with some reinforced fiberglass body filler. I used that to fill in the largest dips and valleys and also to add a little more structural integrity.

If you look close enough you can see where the valleys and dips exist that the "kitty hair" filled in.

A few hours i mean layers of kitty hair, curing, sanding, and now we are at the final bondo step. This bondo is much thinner consistency and is meant to go over the kitty hair (reinforced body filler) to help fill in the smaller gaps and voids. It also sands a lot easier. Notice a pattern yet? If you choose to do a fiberglass project, it can result in a lot of sanding and building back up to get the perfect shape.

So here she is after all the extra patches of bondo, lots and lots of sanding. Luckily my buddy Thad helped out with the sanding. Thank you for saving me a few more hours lol So here is the panel as it was ready to deliver. I gave them over to Thad and he is going to do the final vinal wrap himself. These were made for him, his pickup, and I really appreciate the opportunity to work on these for you!

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